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Top20 Music List - List of the good tracks - Expedance.rf1.net

Here is the Trance Top 20 from Expedance

Page 1: 2010. Current playlist (unsorted)
Page 2: Top of 2007 - in alphabetical order
Page 3: Top 20 (2006-09-05)
Page 4: Top 20 (2004-11-18)
Page 5: Top 20 (2002-10-08)

  Artist Track
1Paul Van DykVega (Starecase Remix)
229 PalmsTouch the Sky (Vocal Mix)
3Electrique BoutiqueRevelation
4Sipping SomaSuperconcious (So Alive)
5Fire & IceForever Young
6TsykhraWhat Clouds Made Of
7DJ RawCome Alive
8Lexicon 4Reach Me
9Ralphie BMassive
10Rank 1Conspiracy
11Nu NrgDream Land
12Ron Hagen & Pascal MOn Stream
13System F. feat Marc AlmondSoul On Soul
14TsykhraEmotive Moments
15Billy Ray MartinHoney
18SurealYou Take my Breath Away
19DJ TiestoDallas 4pm
20Balearic BillDestination Sunshine

Last updated: 2002-10-08

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